August 23, 2016

Pruning of tomato crop

Tomato plant like most plant, need regular pruning or other care of to get the best out of them. Pruning technique varies by type of tomato.

Once the plant has grown to full height or about 6 trusses from the ground, it can be trimmed the top and halt the upward growth. This will allow the nutrients to be used to feed the tomatoes instead of going to encourage leaf growth.

Fresh-market tomatoes are pruned early in the season in order to increase fruit size and earliness. Pruning involves removing from the stem a number of axially shoots that grow between the soil level and first flower cluster.

The axillary shoots are removed when 7-10 cm long. The number of shoots removed depends on the cultivar. The flowering and fruiting are significantly influenced by spacing and pruning.

The bush tomatoes generally do not need this kind of pruning as they are developed to grow bush -like and have a shortened growing and fruit-bearing season.
Pruning of tomato crop

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