January 10, 2021

Winter wheat: Remain in vegetative phase during winter

Winter wheat is a major type in the world; it is planted on approximately 43.5 million acres each year in the United States.

Wheat fields are green even before trees begin to bud, because wheat planted in autumn has already developed a strong root system before growth stops in winter.

The plants resume rapid growth in the spring as temperatures rise. The head of the wheat plant, which contains the kernels, develops at the tip of the stem.

The stem grows rapidly, pushing the head up and out of the top leaf sheath. After the head emerges, flowering occurs and the kernels begin to develop.

After the kernels have developed fully and filled, the leaves and stem lose their green color and the kernels quickly dry.

Winter wheat survives cold winters remarkably well. Except under most severe conditions when a snow blanket is lacking, wheat planted in the autumn ‘tiller’ well in the spring, that is produce many stalks and therefore many seeds.
Winter wheat: Remain in vegetative phase during winter

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