October 8, 2020

Planting Of Peanut Or Groundnut

The crop is cultivated between 40ºN to 40ºS of the equator and it grow best in light textured sandy loam soils with neutral pH. Optimum peanut production can be achieved with optimum temperature for their growth and development ranges from 28 to 30 ºC and the crop requires about 500-600 mm of well distributed rainfall.

The area for planting peanut shall be free from hazardous substances and pesticides that may leave residues or contaminate peanut kernels to the level harmful to consumers.

Peanuts are planted in April or May and harvested in September. Peanuts take about 3-5 days for germination and emergence from the soil at 30° C. The crop is a self-pollinated crop whereby flowers occur on elongated are produced above ground and, after fertilization, pegs move towards the soil, and seed-containing pods are formed and developed underneath the soil.

The peanut grows as a plant that blooms yellow flowers and the petals wilt after a period of time and signal the underground growth of the nuts.

Peanut should be harvested at the right stage of maturity normally farmer waits until the soil not too wet or too dry before digging. During harvesting, using portable mechanical pickers peanuts are removed from vines and are delivered to warehouses for cleaning.
Planting Of Peanut Or Groundnut

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