November 21, 2016

Growing chili

Chill is grown on an annual plant. The fruits are red in color. There are rows of seed inside attached to a sheath-like dissepiments which is rich in hot pungency.

Buying young plants, either from a garden center or by mail order will give a head start. If opt for seed, sow in late winter to early spring at 20 °C in small pots and grow them on at 15 °C until early summer.

The easiest way to sow seeds is onto trays with good, peat-free seed compost. Shop-bought compost for seeds is sterilized and has just the right structure for seeds to grow in-light, well-drained and not too much food.

Chili seedlings are transplanted when they are about 4 - 6 weeks old (10-15 cm tall) depending upon season. Double transplanting i.e one extra transplanting in a second seed bed, gives an earlier and higher yield.

Soil around the root system should be kept looses by keeping down the weeds. Keep the roots moist; a mulch of garden compost will help conserve moisture.
Growing chili

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