April 1, 2021

Harvesting winter wheat

Combines harvest the crop once the kernels have dried about 10 to 15 percent moisture. Harvesting of winter wheat starts from late May through early September, with the bulk of the crop being harvested between early July and mid-July. Harvesting of spring wheat begins in late July and is completed by late August.

Wheat-threshing crews make their living in the Great Plains by following the harvest northward, beginning in the winter wheat sections of Texas.

Then week by week they move north through the Dakotas and arrive finally in the Canadians Prairies, where the harvest comes last.

Excessive rains during harvest can slow down the harvest process, though very rarely does yield suffer much in years with a protracted harvest. The greatest damage to winter wheat during spring and summer is from disease.

Hard winter and hard spring wheat are noted for having high protein content and are typically used for making pan and hearth breads, hard rolls, bagel, buns, other yeasts leavened products and all purpose flour.
Harvesting winter wheat

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