August 16, 2017

The suitable type of soil for rice cultivation

Rice is the only major annual food crop that thrives on land that is water saturated or even submerged during part or all of this growth cycle.

Rice grown in soils that remain flooded or saturated during the growing season but are drained and become oxidized during the dry season gave highest yield for both upland and lowland varieties. Rice grown in valley bottom soils that remain flooded and strongly reduced throughout the year gave lower grain yield.
The soils on which rice grows are as varied as the climatic regime to which the crop is exposed: textures ranges from sand to clay, pH from 3 to 10, organic matter content from 1 to 50%, salt content from almost to 1%, and nutrient availably from acute deficiencies to surplus.

Nitrogen is the input required in largest quantities for lowland rice production. Soil N and biological nitrogen fixation by associated organisms are major sources of N for lowland rice.
The suitable type of soil for rice cultivation

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