June 16, 2020

Bay laurel leaves

Laurus nobilis is native to the Mediterranean, found in Greek, Roman, and Biblical writings. Laurus is Latin for “victory, triumph, success” and is the root of such words as baccalaureate, poet laureate and used in phrases like “resting on one’s laurels.”

Bay laurel is an evergreen tree or large shrub with dense foliage and shiny grey bark. Leaves are pointed, elliptical, thick and leathery in texture, smooth along the margins, and bright green and glossy when young and darker green when mature.

Leaves are used as spices, 2-5 cm wide and 5-10 cm in length, hard, dull, short stem, hairless, bright, wavy sides, dark green, yellowish gray green, elliptical, aromatic, spicy and bitter taste.

Bay laurel leaves and fruits are usually obtained from naturally grown plants. Therefore, it is not always possible to obtain the product at the same quality. For this reason, plantation for leaf production should be established separately from fruit production to obtain quality products.
Bay laurel leaves
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