January 28, 2021

Growth stage: The vegetative phase

Plant development progresses through distinct phases: vegetative growth, followed by a reproductive phase and eventually seed set and senescence.

The vegetative stage refers to the developmental period comprising leaf growth and development. The vegetative stage begins with the emergence of the first leaf.
Vegetative development includes:
*Seed germination: From a heterotrophic to a photosynthetically-competent seedling
*Development of the Vegetative plant: Indeterminate growth regulated by environmental factors

During this period, plants generally rapidly increase their photosynthetic capacity and their size and mass. This vegetative mode of growth can be further divided into a juvenile and an adult vegetative phase.

In flowering plant vetch, the vegetative stage is determined by counting the number of developed nodes on the main stem, above ground level. Vegetative nodes are counted from the point at which the first true leaves are attached to the stem. The last node counted must have its leaves unfolded.

Mango vegetative growth is characterized by the production of growth units (GUs) defined as the portions of shoot developed during an uninterrupted period of growth.
Growth stage: The vegetative phase

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