October 14, 2021

The application of banana leaves

The banana leaf – dark green and about 3 feet - grows like a long and wide palm leaf and is commonly used to cover or warp foods in Asia. The leaf is a multipurpose item which can be used as a rain shield or to cover basket or basins of cooked.

It is valued in many parts of the world for its beauty and fragrances and it has many additional uses.

It has a light grassy and was like aroma that transfers to any food cooked in it and is used as the natural ‘aluminum foil’ of the East.

In Asian, banana leaf is a sensual steaming wrapper for rice, fish or meat smeared with some lemongrass, garlic and other herbs. It is frequently used to wrap foods for grilling, steaming or grilling directly over hot coals.

Eating food served on a banana leaf is more hygienic than eating food off plastic, steel or ceramic plates. Also, when meal is finished, the leaf can be disposed of in an environmental friendly way.

The banana leaves used for serving are cut form the whole leaves, with the first neater-length cuts from the broader end.

In India, the Parsi community, they still used banana leaves only for serving to Parsi guests at their weddings. The food served on the cut leaf is eaten with fingers.

Almost any type of meat, such as duck, chicken, beef and even fish or eel, can be chopped, seasoned and wrapped in banana leaves to be cooked.
The application of banana leaves

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